How to setup environment

Getting Started
  • Step 1 Grab codes

Download Minecraft Forge mdk and clone this repository

  • Step 2 Dependencies

Dependencies: openjdk-8 (package name may vary) on Linux, Oracle jdk 8 on Windows and Eclipse installed

Extract folders gradle eclipse and file gradlew on *nix or gradlew.bat on Windows into the repository.

  • Step 3 gradle auto configuration

In *nix terminal, change directory to the repo and type ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace (or gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace in cmd on Windows). This step takes a lot of time, depending on your Internet connection speed.

  • Step 4 Eclipse configuration

Before starting Eclipse, run ./gradlew eclipse on *nix and gradlew.bat eclipse on Windows.

Fire up Eclipse, select eclipse folder in the repository for workspace.


  • Find decompiled and deobfuscated Minecraft source in “Referenced Libraries/forgeSrc” within Eclipse IDE

  • All source codes and json files are in LF (unix) line endings. If you are using Windows, Make sure git recognizes this and performs line ending conversion from CRLF to LF on every commit or things can go wrong.

  • Don’t try to load other mods if you are running Minecraft from eclipse. Minecraft in eclipse is a deobfuscated dev version so it would throw exceptions everywhere if you try to load a jar meant for release version of the game.